About Us


It All Started with a Sticker

Welcome to Chevy Militia, the club that represents the real sport of 4wheeling. Since 2001, Chevy Militia has been dedicated to separating the true 4×4 enthusiasts from the posers in the 4wheeling world. When we began to question the owners of some of the sickest, biggest and most capable trucks in town, we realized there were a lot off-road ready vehicles out there that were not being put to good use. To say it plainly: there were a lot of dudes driving seriously built trucks that never actually wheeled them. We made it our goal, from that point forward, to build an international club that pre-screens its members to ensure all the accepted members actually go out and 4wheel their trucks. With one sticker we began a transformation that we never could have guessed would have happened – a revolution that saw our Militia spread from a few 4×4 enthusiasts in Northern California to a worldwide Off Road club.

We Cultivate a Passion For Off-roading

The Chevy Militia brand embodies a devotion to off-roading unlike any other. Our Militia members demonstrate a desire for the extreme on a daily basis. Our shirts, hats, hoodies, and stickers foster that passion for 4wheeling. Trucks belong in the dirt, mud, rocks, sand, snow, off the beaten path, and we firmly believe the best way to enjoy a lifted truck is to take it off road.

Join the Chevy Militia

When you see a Member sporting the sticker or someone wearing Chevy Militia attire, you’ll know that person stands against the wannabes that ‘pretend’ to be 4wheelers. You’ll know that they stand for the epic sport of 4wheeling, in its most pure form. So, the only natural question is: when will you join the Militia? We look forward to shipping out your sticker and apparel.

The Chevy Militia Crew

Matt Harmon

Vice President
Micah Harmon

Graphic Artist
Brian Collier

Fabricator/ #2 Member
Mat George
Master Mechanic / Ghetto Blaster Technician
Adam -Ace- Dixon