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A Home For True Off Road Enthusiasts

The Chevy Militia is a club that represents the real sport of 4wheeling. Since 2001 we have been a home base for off-roaders across the country – a bastion of awesome with an appetite for the extreme. We strongly believe that 4x4 trucks are meant to be taken off road, away from the restrictive rules and day to day city life. Our logo is an embodiment of 4wheeling in its purest form. When you join the Chevy Militia, you’re truly joining a family of 4wheelers worldwide, dedicated to a cause: keeping our trucks where they belong…off the beaten path.

Build it, Wheel it, Break it, Repeat

The entire Chevy Militia movement began as a simple idea: one sticker on a single Chevy truck on 44’s. After 14 years, 6 continents, and innumerable amounts of hats, shirts, and stickers, the Chevy Militia has grown into a force to be reckoned with. One of our favorite phrases to live by is “Build it, Wheel it, Break it, Repeat.” Over the years we have taken these words to heart, which in turn has bolstered our passion for the sport. It doesn’t matter if you’ve put $500 into your rig or $100K – as long as you take it off road and have fun doing what you love.

Chevy Apparel Online

Show your support for the Chevy Militia by rocking one of our distinctive Decals on your rig. We’ve also emblazoned our logo on t-shirts, hats, tanks, and hoodies. And we haven’t forgotten about you ladies! Check out our yoga pants, booty shorts, trucker hats, and hoodies made just for you, screen printed right here at the Militia warehouse.

Born Before Social Media

Our brand has proudly existed since before the dawn of the social media age. We were here long before the hashtags and all these wannabe truck pages, creating a lifestyle all our own and inviting fellow 4x4 enthusiasts to join us. In the Chevy Militia, we live by the motto “If you lift it, then use it.” Lifted trucks that stick to city streets and freeways and never see the dirt are a crying shame to us. They give all the true lifted truck owners a bad name and epitomize the posers we aim to distinguish ourselves from.

Join the Global Phenomenon

From our humble beginnings in 2001, our brand has grown exponentially. Approximately three years after the launch of our website in 2005, we reached our goal of shipping to every U.S. state. But our ambitious enterprise did not stop there – in 2014 we managed to finally reach Asia – effectively notching the elusive 6th continent as a shipping destination. We at Chevy Militia proudly wear the crown as the largest Chevy 4x4 club in the world.
Today, we continue to produce high quality apparel for our customer base. Throughout the year our online store is peppered with holiday coupon codes, allowing us to pass on savings to our loyal Militia members. So what are you waiting for? Order a new Shirt and Hat today. Or click JOIN THE MILITIA on the right, send us a picture off-roading in your truck to join the Chevy Militia today!