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10 Years Strong: Our Website is Growing Up!

10 Year Web Anniversary In 2001, the Chevy Militia was born, and a revolution was ignited. A short four years later, our website went live, and ever since then our brand has expanded to every state in the nation and six continents worldwide! We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the [Read More...]

Dirt Kings Cover Jan 2013

Article- While most militias are put on watch lists and are under close scrutiny of the government, there are a few dirt and mud militias out there that we like to keep our eye on. While they may not be a danger to anyone, they are murder on mud. We spent some time getting dirty with the Chevy Mi[Read More...]

Petersons 4wheel and Off Road magazine Aug 2005

Article- When you were growing up, didn’t you want a big-ass Chevy truck on some giant Swampers? Yeah, we all did, but not all of us went through with it like Matt Harmon did. Matt’s no stranger to big mudder trucks, as his ride was a 73 Chevy on 44’s as well, and once you go big, you cant go back. [Read More...]